Sports trading with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

The first app for Betfair Exchange able to analyse sports, find the edge and bet for you.


How to use Mercurius Tradr

Start a new betting strategy in 4 easy steps.

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1. Setup a betting investment

Choose a bankroll size and create a new “investment”

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2. Deposit funds on Betfair

All the trading funds are held in your Betfair wallet

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3. Connect Tradr to Betfair

Authorize Mercurius to operate on your Betfair account

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4. Activate the betting strategy

Enable the automated strategy from your Mercurius dashboard

Do you want to know more about our value betting strategies?

Download the fact-sheet to learn about:

  • The trading approach
  • Leagues and portfolio composition
  • Yearly and monthly P&L (profits and losses)
  • Pricing structure

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What our customers say

Mercurius does not only offer an attractive return bus also is a great way to truly diversify my investment portfolio.

customer profile picture Frank Wettlauffer Investment Consultant and Investor in Mercurius

Mercurius’ scientific and 100% data driven approach gives me great confidence in its value betting strategy.

customer profile picture Anton Kaszubowski Experienced Business Operator

Diversify your portfolio with a Mercurius betting strategy.

Sports trader

Add a data driven strategy to your portfolio:
  • no extra effort required;
  • market monitoring 24/7
  • growing leagues and markets

Sophisticated investor

Diversify your portfolio through sports trading:
  • extremely uncorrelated;
  • in most jurisdictions returns are taxt free;
  • no lock-up, exit your position instantly