Sports trading with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

The first app for Betfair Exchange able to analyse sports, find the edge and bet for you.


How Tradr works in one minute

Mercurius consistently finds value in the betting exchange. The AI analyzes more than 20.000 data points per match, evaluating the quality of chances created by each team. Because for us success is not about winning, it’s about making profitable choices.

Start an automated trading strategy in 3 simple steps

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1. Set up a sports trading strategy

Once you have created a Tradr account, set up a new Sports Trading Portfolio by following the wizard. Choose the bankroll size, accept the fee structure, and set up the payment method.

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2. Connect your Betfair wallet and deposit the trading funds

Deposit the bankroll in your Betfair wallet and connect your Betfair account (.com accounts only) to your Mercurius Tradr account.

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3. Activate the strategy

Enable the automated strategy from your Mercurius dashboard. Our AI will start trading for you. Follow your Sports Trading Portfolio by checking how the strategy is performing in real time.

The advantages of using a trading bot driven by AI

quantitative analysys on football

Take advantage of quantitative analysis to know how teams will perform.

Mercurius Tradr crunches millions of data points by using machine learning algorithms to understand the real attack and defence skill and strength of a team. These ratings are used by our mathematical models to forecast the probabilities of the most likely outcomes of a match, and hence its fair odds.

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real probability forecasts

Stay ahead of all traders by looking at real probability forecasts.

Being able to calculate nominal (or fair) odds puts us (and you) in a position of advantage. In fact, our betting strategy does not depend on liquidity movements. Instead, it exploits them. You will trade a value bet not because the crowd says so, but because teams are overperforming or outperforming.

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let your money work for you

Let your money work for you, with a little help from Mercurius Betting Intelligence.

Tradr doesn’t require any effort because it is fully automated. Every 20 seconds, our app scans the market looking for new value bets. Every trade is weighted against a risk management strategy and, if the value is worth the risk, Tradr will automatically place the bet.

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Do you want to know more about our latest sports trading strategies?

Download the Information Document to learn about:

  • The statistical models
  • The trading approach
  • Leagues and portfolio composition
  • Yearly and monthly P&L (profits and losses)

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What our customers say

Diversify your portfolio with a Mercurius trading strategy.

Sports trader

Add a data driven strategy to your portfolio:
  • No extra effort required
  • Market monitoring 24/7
  • Growing leagues and markets

Sophisticated investor

Diversify your portfolio through sports trading:
  • Extremely uncorrelated
  • In most jurisdictions, returns are tax-free
  • No lock-up, exit your position instantly

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