Tradr performance

How we calculate our track record

The results below represent the trading activity of the fully automated Mercurius bot since we made it publicly available in January 2019.

All the bets have been executed on Betfair’s exchange. To better compare our performances, we're presenting our P&L net of Betfair commissions considered at 2% with a one-unit flat stake. However, our staking plan is based on Kelly’s Criterion capped at 1%. The bets are recorded at the lowest odds placed by the end-users of our tech to present a more conservative track record.

Aggregated profit and loss

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Roc in units -
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Yield -
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Max monthly drawdown -
Number of bets -
Strike rate -
Average Won odds -
Max daily exposition -

Please note that our strategy is in continuous development. Therefore, the results you see are related to its different evolutions (from XG10 to XG12). Our customers adopt the newest releases to improve performance. By subscribing to our service, you benefit from the latest version. View the full list of operations managed by our bot.

How did we achieve this?

Tradr works thanks to our advanced value betting strategy, based on the data collection and elaboration performed by our AI system. XG12 is the strategy we’re currently adopting. The results above are based on the continually developing model we work on daily. Check our strategy page to have a clear view of how we do things, and go to our methodology page for a deep-dive into our philosophy.